Monday, June 1, 2009

Making Progress!

So I finally feel like we're beginning to make progress with our wedding planning.  I have the contract for the venue in hand, and except for a couple of small items it looks great.  We plan to execute it and send our deposit out this week!  Don't mark your calendars just yet, but we've chosen May 1, 2010 as our date!  Yes, I know this is Derby Day, but I got approval from my Dad.  (And what does everyone think of mint juleps as a signature cocktail???) 

I've also started to get quotes from vendors for photography, invites, hair/make-up, and cake.  Moving right along!

Didn't do much this weekend other than clean and do some dress shopping (yes, dress shopping!).  Also went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which I'm sure was excruciating for Joseph and would have been for me too except for all the wedding stuff to look at.  

I have plans to go to Phoenix this weekend to do some dress shopping with the Phoenix girls and go out for Jill's birthday (yay!).  Also finally booked my flight for Detroit for July 28-August 2.  (By the way, NWA "miles" are crap.  Conveniently for them none of the flights are "available" for miles redemption.  Ended up having to use 20K miles AND pay $150.  Ugh.)  Can't WAIT to see my wonderful family!!!  (Get a move on your tix Bri!)