Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Yes, I've been lazy about posting lately.  Perhaps the New Year will bring with it some inspiration to post more often.

For now, here are some pre-Christmas pics from Susan's birthday (which ended up back at my place with Rock Band like always - ugh!), and Christmas pics from Michigan.  When Joseph and I arrived it was 4 degrees!  I think Bodhi was probably the most miserable - his poor little toes in the snow!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

San Francisco

Good news!  My man bought me a memory stick converter thingy for my Mac and I can now download my pics directly from my camera!  So even though I just came home from SF today, I can share some photos already!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Help me choose a color!

I'll be going to get a new 2009 Audi A4 sometime between now and the beginning of the new year, and I need some help choosing a color.  Please participate in my survey to help me pick!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

San Fran Here We Come!

Bri told me she will be in San Francisco for work from October 12th to the 16th, and I had my own airfare booked an hour later!  I love SF and I can't wait to have a girly mini vacation with little sister!  

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Texas Trip!

We had so much fun visiting Bri and Lynn in Texas!  Austin is such a cool city.  It's young, trendy, and active, yet somehow maintains the relaxed, cozy vibe you'd expect of Texas.  And they (not Bri and Lynn, but Texans in general) actually do wear the whole cowboy getup - the hat, the boots, tight jeans, the buckle, all of it!  I love all the outdoor BBQ joints, little coffee shops, and craziness of 6th Street.  The Pecan Street Festival was fun (but oh boy, is it toasty in Texas!), and I got to see the Alamo in San Antonio.  We saw (and smelled - ew!) the bats fly from the bridge, ate way too much ice cream, and had yummy dinners every night.  And Bri Bri's house is SOOO pretty! It's so funny -- Lynn has like 10 televisions!  My favorite things were eating BBQ, having dinner at Bess Bistro then going for dessert and coffee, going to the Market Square in San Antonio, and walking around at the Pecan Street Festival.  I think Joseph's favorite thing was probably playing ping pong with Lynn until 4am!  And he liked all the trees even though they are serial killer magnets (inside joke!).  And yes, Lynn asks the waitress whether a dish "is worth a damn" every time!  So cute!

My Joshua

About Joshua:
DOB: May 2002
Birthplace: Michigan
Current Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown and black striped
Height: About 12"
Weight: 13 Lbs
Favorite Toys: Little poof balls, hair ties, and the wand with the dangly thing on the end
Favorite Lounging Spot: The chair in the living room or a sunny spot in front of the sliding glass wall 
Favorite Hiding Place: Shopping bags or on the high shelf in the kitchen 
Best Physical Feature: Cute stuffed animal paws and my mommy thinks I smell good
Nicknames: Josha, Joshie, Peanut
Hobbies: Napping and watching Bodhi act like a crazy dog.  If I'm in the mood I'll chase him around the room (and my tail gets all big and fluffy!)
Talents: Motoring so loud that you can hear it from across the room.  I sound like a tiger!
Favorite Things To Do: Hide in secret places and pounce out when someone walks by
I love: When mommy holds me and bounces me like a baby and sings "Joshie's a good boy" to me.  
Every day: I sleep on my mommy's chest and then purr and nibble her fingers until she wakes up 
I can: Mow really, really loud and over and over and over until I get attention
I'm glad: Bodhi has to sleep in his cage and I get to sleep in the bed!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Bodhi Pic

Bodhi gets so much attention from passers-by on his walks to the beach.  A photographer stopped us one day and asked if he could take his picture.  Here's Bodhi posing for the camera.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

So My Sister's Posts Are About Her Daughter...

Until I'm blessed with human babies (which will happen, I promise, one of these days...), I'll content myself with showing off my furry ones.  (Pics of Josh coming soon now that he's come out of hiding.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On The Job

Today I'm sharing some pics of my office, where I spend most of my days.  

I am a financial and human resources Controller for a payment solutions provider in Irvine.  (We provide the means by which merchants - large or small - process electronic payments.)  I manage a group of human resources, accounting, and administrative personnel.  I love my job, especially financial strategy and organizational development.  

Notice the pretty wall color I chose, but lack of any other personality!  With the exception of a pic of little Anne, I haven't decorated at all - even though we've been in our new building since February.  Any suggestions?

I do, however, have a relatively nice view of the mountains (which looks much prettier on clear days).  

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Introducing Bodhi

About Bodhi:
DOB:  Unknown 
Birthplace:  Probably somewhere in L.A.; Rescued from San Pedro
Current Location:  Laguna Beach
Eye Color:  Orange-ish Brown
Hair Color:  White with a brown ring around one eye
Height:  About 14"?
Weight:  10lbs 
Piercings:  Microchipped
Favorite Food:  Treats and people food  
Store:  Undecided for now
Drink:  Fresh water
Best Physical Feature:  Long legs 
Nicknames:  Bo, Bodhi Boy 
Hobby:  Napping 
Talent:  Standing on my hind legs, sitting on command
Favorite Things To Do:  Cuddling on the couch and chasing the birds at the beach 
I Love: Sniffing everything possible on my walks
I Can: Come on command, but sometimes I just don't feel like it 
I just:  Walked to Starbucks and made mommy hold me because I was scared of all the people
I want:  Joshua to play with me