Sunday, August 31, 2008

So My Sister's Posts Are About Her Daughter...

Until I'm blessed with human babies (which will happen, I promise, one of these days...), I'll content myself with showing off my furry ones.  (Pics of Josh coming soon now that he's come out of hiding.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On The Job

Today I'm sharing some pics of my office, where I spend most of my days.  

I am a financial and human resources Controller for a payment solutions provider in Irvine.  (We provide the means by which merchants - large or small - process electronic payments.)  I manage a group of human resources, accounting, and administrative personnel.  I love my job, especially financial strategy and organizational development.  

Notice the pretty wall color I chose, but lack of any other personality!  With the exception of a pic of little Anne, I haven't decorated at all - even though we've been in our new building since February.  Any suggestions?

I do, however, have a relatively nice view of the mountains (which looks much prettier on clear days).  

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Introducing Bodhi

About Bodhi:
DOB:  Unknown 
Birthplace:  Probably somewhere in L.A.; Rescued from San Pedro
Current Location:  Laguna Beach
Eye Color:  Orange-ish Brown
Hair Color:  White with a brown ring around one eye
Height:  About 14"?
Weight:  10lbs 
Piercings:  Microchipped
Favorite Food:  Treats and people food  
Store:  Undecided for now
Drink:  Fresh water
Best Physical Feature:  Long legs 
Nicknames:  Bo, Bodhi Boy 
Hobby:  Napping 
Talent:  Standing on my hind legs, sitting on command
Favorite Things To Do:  Cuddling on the couch and chasing the birds at the beach 
I Love: Sniffing everything possible on my walks
I Can: Come on command, but sometimes I just don't feel like it 
I just:  Walked to Starbucks and made mommy hold me because I was scared of all the people
I want:  Joshua to play with me