Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sephora Haul

Got some exciting new goodies from Sephora yesterday!  

I'm on this quest for a holy grail under eye concealer.  See, most concealers are all about dark circles.  Me, I'm looking to cover my very visible blue/green veins.  So I need heavy duty stuff.  But the thing is, the heavy duty stuff tends to settle in my fine lines.  Since my sought-after MUFE HD concealer is unavailable in my color for another couple of months, I decided to try Smashbox HD Concealer.  So far, I'm finding it offers decent, build-able coverage.  I plan to try out Bobbi Brown's and do an all-day comparison test.    Supposedly, BB's is a creamy, peachy concealer that works great for bluishness and fine lines.  I'll let you know how it goes.  

If I could tell everyone in the world to use a foundation primer, I would.  It keeps foundation from oxidizing (turning orangey), and seriously fills fine lines and pores.  I usually use Laura Mercier's, but decided to try Smashbox's best selling Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  Again, I'll keep you posted.
Got a couple of Urban Decay shadows.  Top is called "Blaze."  It's a peachy-champagne color.  Bottom is "Twice Baked," a deep, rich brown (much less pink than the pic here shows).  UD shadows have tons of pigment, and not a lot of binders holding the shadow together, so it goes on really satiny.  

Finally, picked up my usual Clinique Repairwear Intensive Night Cream in the very dry skin formula.  My skin loves, loves, loves moisture.  This night cream leaves my skin feeling really supple and hydrated.  I can't say this is the holy grail for me, but there's nothing I DON'T like about it.  I've tried so many and keep coming back to this.  
By the way, Mom, I've started some research on long-lasting lip color that isn't drying.  I'll post soon.  And if anyone else wants makeup recs, let me know!

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